Everyone need a password manager Here is why

In this article, you are going to learn about password manager uses and which is the best to utilize. In these innovative days, not only a few people, everyone who knows how to operate a mobile are utilizing the internet for many reasons. Almost all people have social media accounts. So, everyone who needs to access their accounts uses the internet and utilize their services. In that case, you need to give a strong password to secure your data.

If you using a normal password like (123456/name@1/petname)anything else which is easily guessable by others it makes harm to your details of accounts not immediately but definitely. some people are using those single passwords in many sites.beware, hackers are spying not only hackers your enemies and also your belongings, friends, etc.

Giving a strong password like (Ghskjno@12546)  is simple but not easy to remember. If you have noted down all those in a paper or you have stored in a file and just imagine that u lost the paper or deleted the file. Ufff! it sounds a big headache to you. Right? But remembering all passwords and managing them is very difficult without having any manager to manage those passwords.

The only solution to maintain all our numerous passwords is “Using a password manager”.

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What is the use of a password manager?

The password manager saves all your passwords and keeps it in their control. They protect our passwords in them using a master password. So that our job is to remember only that master password.

If you want to log in to a site, What you do is filling all your login details. But with the password manager, there is no need to fill them every time. The only thing to do is to log in into your password manager just once. That’s it now your password manager fills your login details automatically.

If you are creating a new account in any site, this password manager offers a strong password for you. So don’t worry about account privacy.

These days password managers are also available in the form of apps, which is a great option for smartphone users.

Which password manager is best?

I hope that you clearly understood the benefits of the password manager and how a password manager helps too.

There are a lot of password managers that are available on the internet. But I would like to list some best password managers.

  • Dashlane.
  • Last pass
  • Password Boss Premium
  • Zoho vault.
  • True key by intel security.

What is the last pass?

Lastpass is an award winner Password management service. In March 2009 Pac Magazine awarded five stars and again in 2016 while releasing LastPass 4.0, it earned five-star which is really great.

It supports users to save their encrypted passwords on it.

Lastpass was available as plugins for many browsers and also as applications for smartphones.

Features of the last pass

It serves users to store their secured encrypted passwords with it. Their information is encrypted with AES-256Bit(Advanced encryption Standard) Which is one of the most secure encryption.

Lastpass has a form of filler it automatically fills your username and passwords.If you need to create a new password t gives a 12 digit strong password with using digits, symbols, capital letters the last pass has an automatic password generator to generate a strong password which is not easy to notify or hack.

It is available as plugins for many web browsers listed below

  1. Google chrome.
  2. Mozilla firefox
  3. Apple safari.
  4. Microsoft edge.
  5. Opera and much more.

Last pass applications are available for all operating systems like android, ios, windows. Well, I hope you understand the details and features of LastPass.ok let’s see the installation process of LastPass.

How to use LastPass?

 First of all, you need to do create an account in LastPass.Below I give the process of creating an account in LastPass.

Account creation

  1. Open LastPass in any browser (or) search it on google.
  2. Then click on create a new account, are click here it will take directly you to sign up form.
  3. Fill the details that they need and click on create an account.
  4. Remember one thing Before giving a password it is a master password of all your passwords Be sure that it is strong are not. Check again and Give a strong master password.
  5. After finishing That account creation process login to your account to check your profile are to fill necessary details.

Using processor

Ok, after creating a new account in LastPass.Now how to use it.first of all I will discuss you with pc.and then I will list out the processor of smartphone usage. First of all, the PC(computer) needs to do is add LastPass plugin to your browser. Below I will list the links to plugins for browsers.

  1. google chrome Are you can also add it by searching on the chrome app store.
  2. Mozilla firefox
  3. Apple safari
  4. opera

Now, you only need to do is first when you open your browser just login into your LastPass account to activate it. Ok, let’s how LastPass saves passwords.

How LastPass save passwords?

Lastpass secures encrypted passwords in different folders for each one. If you log in to any site after activating it LastPass asks you to save automatically if it is a new one, or it automatically fills the details if it already exists.

Also, users can save their passwords manually in LastPass. Ok now let us talk about its security details.lastpass has so many authenticators to confirm that your owner of it or not.

If we enable their services they confirm us in so many ways like sending one-time passwords or sending push notifications to your smartphone.

If you choose premium service then you can experience some additional features like support for USB devices to generate a one-time password also supports fingerprint sensors and USB cards.

To get one time passwords you need to update your mobile number to your LastPass account.

Below is the process to add a mobile number to your account.

  1. Go to account settings it displays at the top left side of the screen.
  2. Then go to general settings.
  3. Now in the SMS account recovery section click on the update phone option.
  4. Then add your number and save it.

Smartphones also have this same processor but they need to install LastPass application on their smartphones and simply log in to give access to LastPass.

Also, you can give emergency access to your parents, friend’s belongings in case of emergency. Below I give the process of how to give emergency access to your belongings.

  1. Go to your LastPass account.
  2. Open emergency access option displays the left downside of the home screen.
  3. Then click on give emergency access displays on the right downside of the screen.
  4. Ok Now, add your belongings email address to send an invitation to them.

As usual, also you can accept their emergency access invitations to access their vaults.

It has a wonderful option to share your passwords and details securely with your friends and family members or belongings.

Here is the processor to share your passwords with your belongings.

  1. Go to the LastPass home page.
  2. Click on the sharing center.
  3. Now click on share item displays at the right downside of the screen.
  4. Then add their email address and folder which you want to share.
  5. That’s it click on share option to share that folder to your belongings.

A bonus trick for you: – To get premium service for free then simply refer a friend to join on it.that’s it enjoys premium services by referring a friend. At the end of this article Hope that you clearly understood why everyone needs a password manager and what is the uses of a password manager. Also about why I preferred Lastpass to use as your manager, it has so many features compared to others. It provides all its services free of cost. so, the ability that’s the reason why I preferred it. Not all users have the ability to use premium services. Thank you.

At the end of this article, I hope that you clearly understood why everyone needs a password manager and what are the uses of a password manager. Also about why I referred Lastpass to use as your manager. It has many features compared to others. It provides all its services free of cost. so, that’s the reason why I preferred it. Not all users have the ability to use premium services. Thank you.