How to Fake your Zoom Classes using Bot

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is safe in this COVID crisis and welcome to OnlineNewsWebsite. OnlineNewsWebsite is a place for enthusiastic learners and It’s a knowledge hub with different types of information articles, fun. Coming to Quarantine, a lot of syllabus needs to be covered by colleges but we just cant attend college like we used to do regularly because we will end up in a very situation due to Corona Virus. So the best solution for this is attending the online classes through Zoom App.

What is Zoom Application?

Zoom is the best and trustable app which we can use for online classes and an awesome thing to be noted is that it’s totally free. This makes Zoom App to be used by a lot of Colleges and Organizations worldwide. I have to mention that recently a security flaw made all the Zoom app users get in trouble in which hackers are interfering in the middle of the sessions and making disturbances and all the stuff.

Don’t worry it’s fixed and you just need to change your password and then you are good to go. If you haven’t changed your password then do it immediately before taking any further sessions from college.

How to Fake your Zoom Classes by using a Bot for free?

Fake Zoom classes with Beulr
Fake Zoom classes with Beulr

So here is the part that you have been waiting for and we have a website called and this is the key for us to put a dummy or let’s say a bot instead of us to attend the Zoom online classes. (A bot is a program that is made to do the particular task according to the coded instructions)

  • Visit the Belur website, the link is provided above.
  • Now you need to signup with your Name, Email, Password.
  • After signup, just log in.
  • Please make sure that you verify your Email Address.

After you Sign up you will get 4 Free credits in which each credit is equal to 1 Hour zoom meeting/session. So there is no need of purchasing anything at all, I will tell the way to get unlimited credits at the end, just keep on reading.

Zoom Classes Trick
Zoom Classes Trick
  • So now what you have to do is log in to the Beulr and Input the ID, Password, Start and End time of the meeting or session/Class.
  • When the class or meeting starts, the bot will automatically join the session.
  • Don’t worry as audio and video will be muted but still, you will get your attendance as your name will be displayed as on the session.

This way you will get your attendance without actually attending the classes and you can start testing before using it officially by starting your own zoom meeting or session so that you will get to know how it works in a much better way.

Note: If you don’t verify your Email account then you will only get 2 credits, which is equal to 2 hrs only.

How to get Unlimited Beulr Credits

Temporary email for Beulr
Temporary email for Beulr

It’s simple just create a new account again and again with a fake email address and you can get 4 credits for each email address that you have signed up on the website so no worries as you can do this as many times as you want.

Tip: Use Temporary mail websites to get unlimited Free emails to signup.

Bonus: Free Temp Email Website

Temporary Email Inbox for belur
Temporary Email Inbox for belur

As you can see above image, when you open the Temporary email website you will get the mail there and dot close the tab without verifying the email or else you will lose the mail.

  • Please keep in mind that this tutorial is only for educational purposes and not meant for illegal activities. Ps: Just attend the classes and learn, I won’t say attend all classes but Attend a few important classes at least so that you will be getting an idea on the concept and you can research and learn online later on.

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